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3D Cone Beam

3D Cone Beam X-RayAt East Lyme Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery we value technology to help up us accurately evaluate patients to deliver the best treatment possible. One of the technologies we proudly use in our office is 3D cone beam technology to help take detailed images and diagnose based on the information provided.

What is 3D Cone Beam Technology?

3D modeling over the years has become very popular for evaluating real-world objects such as models of home interiors. The medical field has adopted this useful technology as well and applied it to x-ray scans of patients. But how does this all work?

A cone beam is similar to a traditional x-ray - but the twist is that the x-ray beam is now in the shape of a cone, hence the name “cone beam”. As the beam rotates around the head of the patient - completing a full 360-degree rotation - it is taking in information that then produces a 3D image of what it has just scanned.

What Benefits Does Cone Beam Technology Provide?

The 3D images produced from the cone beam allow us to analyze problems more accurately. We are able to rotate the model and zoom in as needed which allows us to make a more accurate analysis of what is going on and provide superior treatment. A couple of examples of conditions and scenarios that are analyzed and diagnosed with cone beam technology are as follows.


Having a 3D model allows us to more accurately plan out how we will safely extract a tooth. This is especially useful for teeth that have been impacted and so they are great for wisdom tooth removal.


It is critical that our accuracy when placing dental implants in the jawbone is perfect. This is another area where a 3D model helps us plan exactly where the implants will go.

Is This a Replacement For Traditional 2D X-Ray Images?

While cone beam technology is fantastic, it is only used on patients where it is necessary for problems that would otherwise be more difficult to diagnose with a 2D image. There have been advancements in 2D x-ray technology in the form of digital radiography - which shows that it is still a crucial way to analyze the mouth as needed!

Does The Cone Beam Produce a Lot of Radiation?

We understand that radiation is a concern for x-ray images, but we can assure that safety is a priority and minimal radiation exposure is done. The amount of radiation exposure will depend on what image is being taken. It is understood that the radiation from a cone beam scan is around 18µSv to 200µSv which are levels safe enough for occasional usage. The radiation dose is actually lower than a 2D x-ray - so there is no increased danger here.

How Long Does The Scanning Take?

The procedure takes around a minute to complete and the only thing you’ll need to do is keep your head still. These machines are quite efficient!

Making an Appointment With Us

At East Lyme Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery we are committed to helping each patient gain or maintain a great smile. If you have questions or would like to schedule an appointment with us, you can call our office at (860) 934-7809.

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